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New Cool Community

who_gets_credit is a new community started by crystalsc:

Have you found an icon, wallpaper or banner that you just love and want to use, but don't know who made it and therefore you can't credit them? Or did you have their name at one time but lost it? How about resources such as brushes, gradients, textures, etc...?

Post the art here and let lj users try to help you identify the maker.



If you would like to be an affiliate please comment here, all comments are screened.


What this community is

This community is for icon makers and mods of icon communities. It is also for mods of communities that have issues with Trolls. You can report users who steal icons and refuse to give credit as well as report users that you have banned from your communities. If we work together we can assemble a master list of known theives/trolls the mods can watch out for. Credit for this idea goes to i_theft which is unfortunately now closed :(

Questions or Concerns? Please feel free to comment here, all comments are screened.

Tutorial: Banning Users using the Admin Console - Provided by feebsicle

Master List of Thieves/TrollsCollapse )